Pay attention to the paint. Quantitative packaging

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Note: the quantitative packaging of paint is too greasy

yesterday, when the law enforcement personnel of Fushan District Quality Supervision Bureau inspected the quantitatively packaged goods distributed in the decoration (decoration) stores within their jurisdiction, they found that the lack of weight of paint products still exists, and the net content of quantitatively packaged products is marked in a wide variety of ways, which is very irregular. Therefore, this value has become a constant stress range

the main products inspected this time include paint, coating, super glue, etc. nearly 20 operating enterprises were inspected, and more than 80 kinds of products were inspected. Among them, 17 brands of products were qualified in quantitative packaging, and the rest products had problems to varying degrees. During the inspection, law enforcement officers found that the problem of product weight shortage still exists. The marking of the net content of quantitatively packaged products is very irregular, and some do not mark the net content, regardless of multiple barrel (bag) sales; There are also those marked with "net mass: XX kg, XX L", "weight: XX L, XX M L"; There are 1.5875mm steel ball cartons wrapped with "net weight: 4.5kg", while the total weight of the three groups of contents is 3.7kg, which is inconsistent with the internal and external labels; Some so-called net content is actually gross weight; Some manufacturers produce super glue with the same specifications in the packaging barrel, but the products inside are equipped with 5L, 9.5l, 12L terminal tension testers and other different quantities

in view of the problems found in the inspection, law enforcement officials punished according to the provisions on punishment of illegal acts in commodity quantity measurement, and also reminded consumers to pay attention to identifying the "net content" of commodities when purchasing quantitatively packaged commodities, and not to spend money "less" on things

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