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The label design of commodity packaging pays attention to

the label is the face of the commodity and the symbol to distinguish various commodities. Most consumers use it to judge the value of commodities. Therefore, the sign can make the graphics display in the best scale. Of course, the sign must be beautiful and eye-catching

but for a long time, manufacturers of glass containers have been troubled by complicated work such as label printing, pasting or on-site label management. In order to solve the difficulty of users and provide convenience, some glass container manufacturers now paste or pre print relevant labels on containers in advance, which is called pre labeling

labels pre pasted on glass containers generally include elastic labels, pasted labels and direct printed labels, while pasted labels are divided into pressure pasted adhesive labels and thermal adhesive labels. The pre labeling can withstand the cleaning, filling, sterilization and disinfection processes in the canning process without damage, and is convenient for the recycling of containers. Some can also prevent fragments from flying when the glass container is broken, with cushioning performance

the feature of adhesive label pressing is that people can't feel the existence of label film, and only the label content to be displayed appears on the surface of the container like direct printing. However, its cost is relatively high. Although the amount of adhesive labels has a slightly increasing trend, it has not yet formed a large market. The main reason for the high price of pressed labels is that the cardboard substrates used for sticking labels at the factory are expensive and cannot be recycled. To this end, Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd. in Japan is starting to research and develop adhesive labels without substrates

another more popular is the thermal adhesive label, which has good viscosity once heated. After the improvement of the thermal label adhesive and the repeated tests and research of the container surface treatment and preheating methods, the washing resistance of the label has been greatly improved, and the cost has been greatly reduced. In 1998, it was officially applied to the filling production line of filling 300 bottles per minute. The thermosensitive pre label can clearly see the abbreviation of the international organization for standard as well as the pressure label, and it also has the characteristics of low cost, can withstand rubbing without damage, and can withstand freezing treatment after pasting

the function of thickness testing machine for thermal adhesive label determines that it is made of 38 m PET resin and coated with high-temperature active adhesive. The label was soaked in 11 ℃ water for 3 days, in 73 ℃ pasteurization solution for 30 minutes, and boiled at 100 ℃ for 30 minutes. No abnormal changes were found. The surface of the label can be printed with various colors, and it can also be printed on the back, so as to avoid damaging the printing surface due to collision during transportation. The use of this kind of pre label is expected to greatly expand the demand of the glass bottle market

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