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When buying toys for children, pay attention to the content of harmful substances in the paint

toys are children's closest partners, ranging from remote-controlled cars to nizaki base, which will provide some samples and solutions according to the requirements of different customers, as small as plush dolls, various toys dress up children's colorful children's year. As everyone knows, colorful toys contain relatively more heavy metals due to the use of various materials, which threatens the health of children

on October 1, 2010, the state announced and implemented the standard of "limit of harmful substances in toy coatings", which sets a strict upper limit on the content of harmful substances in toy coatings and requires them to be marked in the description of toys. More than a year has passed. During the market survey and interview, it was found that many toys on sale have not been marked with the content of heavy metals, and most operators and citizens do not know the implementation of the standard at all

the introduction of the new regulations - most operators and citizens do not understand that the standard of

limits of harmful substances in toy coatings has made specific provisions on harmful substances in children's toy coatings: under the conditions of explicit proportion of products, according to the relevant testing requirements, the lead content of toy coatings shall not exceed 600 mg/kg, the arsenic content shall not exceed 25 mg/kg, the mercury content shall not exceed 60 mg/kg, toluene, ethylbenzene The proportion of xylene shall not exceed 0.3%

in recent days, when visiting the toy area of some shopping malls, supermarkets and small shops in the urban area, it was found that some operators did not understand this regulation. In the toy area of Zhongbai warehouse, when holding an electric toy and asking the salesperson "why not see the standard of" limit of harmful substances in paint for toys "marked on the package", the salesperson said he had never heard of this standard

"I buy toys for my children mainly to see whether there is a certificate of conformity. I don't pay much attention to the composition of paint. I don't know about 10 large plastic markets." In Wu Shangshang, a gentleman who was buying toys for his children said that because there was no mark on the toys, he could only try to buy toys with good quality and easy paint falling off for his children

after learning about the relevant knowledge of the limit of harmful substances in paint for toys standard in the dialogue with, most citizens expressed the hope that relevant departments would publicize it more

market visit - there are few paint instructions on the outer packaging of toys

during the visit, it was found that the packaging of children's toys sold on the market did not have any labels on the paint ingredients, most toys have certificates of conformity, safety certification and manufacturers, but some toys even have no labels on the manufacturers

in the toy area of a large supermarket in Wuyan pedestrian street, most children's toys are clearly marked with the manufacturer, applicable age, Executive Standards and certificate of conformity. They also carry warnings such as "use under adult supervision", "prevent small objects from being eaten and causing suffocation", "do not place them together with substances with strong acidity and alkalinity", and some toys are also marked with "100% non-toxic materials", "non-toxic plastic, safe to use", etc, However, the ingredients of these "non-toxic materials" are not given. In this regard, selling food contact materials is no longer a simple food packer understood under the old national standard. "Paint is just to make toys more eye-catching. Toys produced by regular manufacturers should have no problem with materials."

in a large wholesale market near the railway station, I visited several toy stores and found that many toy labels were not clear, or even had no labels. Picked up a bag of colored plastic toys and asked the salesperson if it was safe. The salesperson said, "you have to watch the child play. You can't let him put it in his mouth."

in the interview, it was found that most toys are made of plastic, static plastic, hardware, wood and other materials, which are bright in color and suitable for different ages. However, the instructions for toy coatings mentioned in the standard "limits of harmful substances in toy coatings" are rarely seen

Department reminder - when purchasing toys, you need to see the outer packaging instructions clearly.

is the toy product that does not indicate the description of toy paint qualified? Can relevant departments supervise and regulate it? With these questions, I visited the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision and the Administration for Industry and commerce

the relevant person in charge of the supervision section of Shiyan Bureau of quality supervision told that the quality supervision department is mainly responsible for the source of production. At present, there is no toy production enterprise in Shiyan City, and all kinds of toys sold on the market mainly come from Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places. There is no paint description for toys on the toy packaging, which can only be said that the product packaging and identification do not meet the standard, and it does not mean that the product is unqualified. As long as the product has the national compulsory 3C certification, product certificate and formal manufacturer, it cannot be said to be a problem product

the relevant staff of Shiyan Administration for Industry and Commerce told that the Department of industry and commerce is mainly responsible for the management of merchants from the sales channel, but at present, Shiyan City has not received complaints from consumers due to toy coatings, and has not received the notice of the superior on the implementation of the standard of limit of harmful substances in toy coatings, so it has no right to supervise merchants

in the interview, both departments reminded consumers that toys are in direct contact with children's bodies. Once the harmful substances in toy paint exceed the standard, it may lead to the decline of children's liver and kidney function, the reduction of red blood cells in blood, and even the risk of cancer, affecting children's health. When consumers buy toys, they should first pay attention to whether the material composition of toys contains toxicity. For example, polyethylene (PE) plastics are non-toxic, and plasticizers in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) contain harmful substances. The paint painted on toys usually contains toxic substances such as arsenic, lead and mercury. When children play with toys, parents had better monitor them to prevent children from putting toys into their mouths, and require children to wash their hands after playing

note: the reprinted contents are indicated with the source. The reprint is for the purpose of organizing experts from Henan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission to visit Zhongfu industry to convey more information, and does not mean to agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of their contents

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