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Note: identify the advantages and disadvantages of tissue paper according to the brand packaging color

tissue paper is a disposable sanitary paper made of base paper made of plant fiber and processed by cutting and folding. It is an essential sanitary and cleaning product in people's daily life. It is loved by consumers because of its good water absorption, softness, cleanness, convenient use and good development momentum of collaborative disposal in cement kiln

the product forms of tissue paper mainly include paper handkerchief, box tissue paper, napkin and other varieties, which are widely used in restaurants, dining tables, families and other places and personal carry on. At present, there are many enterprises producing (including post-processing) toilet paper products in China, but there are few large enterprises, many small enterprises, and the product quality is uneven. There are a wide range of tissue products in shopping malls and supermarkets, and their packaging also has its own characteristics. Many products have discounts, gifts and other concessions, so that consumers often don't know which product to choose for value for money. Recently, Ma Xin, a senior engineer of the national paper quality inspection center, talked about how to choose tissue paper

Ma Xin said that a good tissue paper should not lose hair, powder and color. It should have a certain strength when encountering water, the surface should be clean, and the wrinkles should be even, fine and soft. The removable box towel should be pulled out one piece and brought out the next one; The handkerchief paper of small package should be packed neatly, and the seal can be opened and sealed for many times, so that one piece can be sealed again after each extraction, so as to keep it clean and free from pollution

in response to the question "what should consumers pay attention to when purchasing and using tissue paper", Ma Xin answered that first, products from large enterprises and well-known brands should be selected. The products of these enterprises have been subjected to many times of national supervision and random inspection, which shows that the product quality is stable and reliable. At the same time, these enterprises have advanced production equipment, strict production process management, and good quality raw materials. Although the product prices of these enterprises may be relatively expensive, they can ensure hygiene, comfort and ease of use. In addition, the products produced by enterprises that have passed the quality system certification are also the first choice

check the package at the same time. The name, address, etc. of the manufacturer should be indicated on the product package, and attention should also be paid to whether the name of the product, the implemented standard, product grade, production date, expiry date, etc. are indicated on the package. It is best to buy the latest product. Consumers need to be reminded that whether in large restaurants or small restaurants, we often see people wipe dishes and chopsticks with tissue paper. Qualified tissue paper consumers can rest assured that it is OK to use it to wipe dishes and chopsticks, but if it is unqualified tissue paper such as sanitary indicators, it is not only useless, but also harmful, and it will bring new pollution. Therefore, consumers must master some knowledge that will further expand the popularity of other tissues to guide the use. Good tissue paper is clean, soft, strong and comfortable to use, while poor tissue paper is easy to lose hair, powder and slag, especially colorful tissue paper, which is not suitable for use

on the question "is the tissue paper produced with pure wood pulp better than other products", Ma Xin said that the products produced with pure wood pulp generally have good evenness, fine crepe lines, good hand feel, no powder and wool loss, and good wet strength. Therefore, consumers had better choose the tissue paper produced with pure wood pulp, which can be tested by tensile test

manufacturers of pure wood pulp products generally indicate on the packaging of products, but some do not match the name, and consumers should learn to identify

at present, the production raw materials of tissue paper are complex, including cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp, waste paper edge, waste paper, etc. The quality of tissue paper produced with cotton pulp is the best, but its output is very low, which is difficult to find in the market. The quality of products produced with waste paper edges and waste paper as raw materials is generally in the range of medium and low grades. Generally speaking, the strength is low, and it is easy to lose hair and powder. Some of them disperse when they see water. When they are used to wipe sweat in summer, the paper wool is easy to stick to their faces. Such products are generally cheap, but in order to ensure the use effect, consumers had better not buy them

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