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The first benzene free ink safety and environmental protection product certification will be launched

it was learned from the third China Green Industry Development Summit Forum on the dynamometer device opened on July 7 that the potential food safety hazards caused by the use of benzene soluble ink printing that have plagued the food packaging industry for many years are expected to be fundamentally controlled, China's first benzene free ink safety and environmental protection product certification in line with international standards will be launched by Fangyuan Mark Certification Group at the latest this month. The situation of printing ink without safety standards in China will also become history

the "poisonous potato chips" incident in Dingxi, Gansu Province, which was exposed by CCTV many years ago, is still fresh in the memory of many people. The printing ink that gives food packaging a gorgeous and attractive appearance has become a health killer for consumers. The danger mainly comes from benzene and toluene used as ink solvents. It is understood that plastic flexible packaging is used in food packaging in China, of which more than 85% are printed with benzene soluble ink. Benzene solvents, which are clearly restricted by the state, have become the first choice for the production of packaging ink because of their low price. A series of harmful solvents in food packaging, such as toxic potato chips, toxic milk powder and toxic rice, have seriously exceeded the manufacturing of a three-dimensional fiber structure standard, which has already sounded an alarm to us, But many years later, this dangerous situation has not been fundamentally reversed

"there is no technical problem in abandoning benzene soluble inks, mainly due to the lack of relevant regulations and effective regulatory mechanisms." Wujianhua, Secretary General of green ink center of China Packaging Federation, told. Since 2007, he initiated the establishment of the green alliance of national ink manufacturers and was elected as the secretary general, he has always spoken out for the benzene free packaging ink, influencing and driving a large number of enterprises to participate in the cause of green ink. Alcohol soluble ink, benzene free ketone free ink, water-based ink... More and more environmentally friendly green ink varieties have been applied in some large packaging factories, The food packaging safety of some big brands has been fully guaranteed

"our goal is to increase the proportion of food packaging using green ink to more than 80% within five years, which is an arduous task." Wujianhua said, "but the current proportion is less than 15%. In order to achieve this goal, we began to actively plan to launch benzene free ink safety and environmental protection product certification. This idea has received a positive response from Fangyuan logo certification group." With the full cooperation of green ink center and Fangyuan certification, all preparations are progressing smoothly. According to the plan, the benzene free ink certification will be officially implemented this month

Deng endi, assistant to the president of Zhejiang New Oriental ink group, said that as a green pioneer in the industry, New Oriental ink will take the lead in applying for benzene free ink certification and strive for the first batch to pass. He said: "we have always been very supportive of the work of the green ink center, and this time we will certainly not fall behind. The launch of this certification is very timely, and it is equivalent to issuing a" market pass "to our enterprises producing green products. We will immediately start the relevant application work." It is understood that the New Oriental ink factory in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province has recently invested 200million yuan to build a project with an annual output of million tons of benzene free ink. The project has been approved by the national development and Reform Commission and has received a subsidy of 15million yuan. At present, the project is progressing smoothly and is expected to be completed and put into operation within the year

"it's great that this certification can be issued!" Hexianwei, general manager of Yiwu Weihang Water-based Ink Co., Ltd., is excited. When he attended the first China Green Ink Industry Development Summit Forum, he got to know Secretary General wujianhua. Influenced by him, he has successively invested more than 10million yuan to establish a complete set of water-based ink production lines in the past three years. The water-based ink produced by the company has been fully recognized by users and peers because of its excellent printing performance and excellent environmental protection performance, Benzene free ink certification, so the general laboratory machine manufacturers came to the podium so that he saw greater business opportunities

as the first factory in China to produce 100% pure vegetable oil ink, dengweihua, the boss of Dongguan HUICAI Printing Materials Technology Co., Ltd., seems to have some regrets. "This certification is really very good. Unfortunately, it is only for solvent based inks and water-based inks, but our offset printing inks cannot cover it. I hope the green ink center can pay attention to our field and launch a green certification suitable for our application." The percentile ion current independently developed by HUICAI company is also different. The vegetable oil ink is the first in China, and its technology is also a very advanced technology in the world. At present, only a few countries in Europe and the United States can produce it. Because no petroleum products are added to the ink formula, VOC (volatile organic compounds) is zero, which is extremely superior in environmental protection performance. It is very suitable for food packaging, clothing packaging, newspaper and book printing, and has a very broad market prospect. Especially in newspaper printing, the traditional printing ink not only smells bad, but also the black pigment on it is easy to fall off, making people often become "Mafia" after reading the newspaper. If 100% vegetable oil ink is used, there is no such drawback, and the smell is elegant and fragrant, so that people can enjoy reading more

people regard food as their priority and food safety as their priority. Dongjinshi, a famous environmental protection expert, pointed out that to achieve packaging safety, we must first achieve ink safety. The safety and environmental protection product certification of benzene free ink lists more than ten prohibited substances. High carcinogens and toxic substances, including benzene and toluene, will be prohibited from being added to the ink as raw materials, which will provide a fundamental guarantee for the safety of food packaging in China

relevant experts also pointed out that most of China's ink enterprises are small in scale and have disputes, but integration will become the fundamental trend of industrial development. Green and environmental protection will become the driving force for the new round of integration of the ink industry. Whoever has mastered the "environmental protection" card will become the new overlord of the industry

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