The first battery free electric vehicle developed

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The first battery free electric vehicle developed in Japan uses special tires

Japan's Toyohashi University of science and technology and Dacheng construction company recently said that they have developed the world's first battery free electric vehicle and conducted public tests. It is reported that this electric vehicle uses special tires and relies on the electrified driveway to obtain electricity, which is expected to significantly improve the current power problem of electric vehicles

it is reported that this electric vehicle was tested in Toyohashi City, Aichi County, Japan. The tires of electric vehicles are embedded with steel wires with the function of conducting electricity. Name of electric material: plastic film gasification lane is embedded with electrified steel plate, so that electric vehicles can obtain electricity when driving on the electrified lane, so as to drive electric vehicles

Daping Murakami, a professor of Fengqiao University of science and technology, who participated in the research and development, said that the whole test ran 30 meters, with a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. The electric car accelerated smoothly and was very comfortable to drive

it is reported that due to the lack of battery endurance, it is impossible for ordinary electric vehicles to travel long distances, but this electric vehicle does not have this problem. However, this battery free electric vehicle also has its limitations and can only be driven on the electrified lane

Daping Murakami pointed out that as long as this technology is applied to expressways, electric vehicles can achieve the goal of long-distance driving. He also hopes that in the future, electric vehicles running on ordinary roads will carry smaller batteries than at present

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