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Recently, hundreds of guests and spectators who came to attend the completion ceremony of phase I project of Yunda Zhangbei wind power production base recorded the gorgeous appearance of the first 1.5 MW wind power units assembled at the base with DV and camera. This marks that the wind power industry in Zhangjiakou has opened a "new era" in the production of wind turbines. So far, Zhangjiakou has the ability to locally produce wind turbines, towers and blades

Zhangbei Yunda wind power production base is the northern production base of Zhejiang Yunda Wind Power Engineering Co., Ltd. the phase I project has formed a production capacity of 500000 kW wind turbine units TPU, HNBR and tpiir, which will be successively completed and put into operation. After the project is completed, an annual output of 1million kw will be formed. The products are mainly used in the northern wind farm

Zhejiang Yunda Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise engaged in the research and development of wind turbine generator sets in China. The product research and development has a history of more than 30 years. The enterprise has independent intellectual property rights for wind power equipment manufacturing and has become one of the key wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises supported by the state

Zhangjiakou has unique wind energy resources, especially Bashang area is a rare high-quality wind energy concentration area in China. According to the preliminary assessment of relevant authorities, the city's wind resource reserves are about 20million kW or more, and the exploitable capacity is more than 11million kW. Among them, the wind resource reserves in Bashang area are more than 17million kW and the exploitable capacity is more than 9million kW

under the background that the state actively advocates and supports the development of clean energy, in recent years, Zhangjiakou has attached great importance to the development of wind energy resources, taking the new energy industry, including wind power generation, as one of the advantageous industries, combing resources, operating ahead, attracting investment, changing disadvantages into advantages, and giving full play to advantages. According to the data from the municipal development and Reform Commission, as of the end of 2008, Zhangjiakou had a cumulative wind turbine installed capacity of 783500 kW, accounting for 6.4% of the country and 70.6% of Hebei Province, ranking first in the province and fourth among prefecture level cities in the country; Nine wind power enterprises above the unified scale have achieved a total output value of 480million yuan, a sales revenue of 448million yuan and a profit and tax of 183million yuan. Up to now, the total installed capacity of the whole city is 1144050kw

while actively attracting investment and developing wind energy resources, Zhangjiakou adheres to the road of industrialized development of advantageous resources, constantly improves the industrial chain, and actively contacts and cooperates with strong domestic mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises while tapping the production potential of local machinery manufacturing enterprises. The wind power industry chain of Zhangjiakou City is gradually becoming complete, from having the ability to locally produce tower barrels to having a relatively wide speed regulation range and having the ability to locally produce blades, and then to signing and settling down the large wind power equipment manufacturing projects of Zhejiang Yunda and sany group

focusing on the overall economic development of Zhangjiakou City and the sustainable development of county industries, Zhangbei County has given policy, environment, measures and other support to the construction of Yunda project, and stepped up the construction progress together with enterprises. The first phase of the project was completed and put into operation in just one year. According to insiders, the thickness measurement of 5.2 sample in CES plastic market of the first batch of units successfully transported to Zhangbei wind power production base should be accurate to 0.01mm, said billwood, an economic analyst, which marks that the development of wind power industry in Zhangjiakou has reached a new level and will play a positive role in promoting the wind power industry and economic development in Zhangbei and even the whole city

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