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Follow the market and take the lead in the "change" -- visit the first batch of pilot enterprises for decentralization and reform of state-owned enterprises Ningjiang machine tool

the "transformation" of Ningjiang machine tool

around 1954, Nanjing machine tool plant, the parent company of Ningjiang machine tool plant, was established through the assistance of the Soviet Union

In 1965, in response to the call of "three line construction", the state-run Ningjiang machine tool plant was established in Guanxian county (now Dujiangyan City)

1978, the core of the six state-owned enterprises listed in the first batch of Sichuan to release future electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles was the lithium-ion battery right reform pilot

In 1979, the first advertisement for means of production in New China was published in the people's daily, opening a 10-year era of great development

2000, in response to the national overall plan of "state-owned enterprises extricating themselves from difficulties in three years", the company was restructured into a full-fledged joint-stock company

2006, Wuliangye Group was introduced as a strategic investor to establish a state-owned holding company, Sichuan pushingjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd

in 2007, enterprises were relocated as a whole

2014, it was restructured into a mixed ownership enterprise jointly owned by local state-owned enterprises, government industrial investment funds, private enterprises and core employees

in 2018, the "key technology and industrialization of high-performance CNC system" participated by Sichuan pushingjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and other units won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award

Ningjiang machine tool is one of the backbone enterprises in scientific research and production of precision machine tools in China. On june25,1979, Ningjiang machine tool factory published an advertisement in the people's daily to directly accept orders from domestic and foreign users, breaking the theoretical forbidden zone of "means of production is not a commodity" and allowing production and marketing to meet directly. Since then, in the wave of marketization set off by the reform and opening up, this "time-honored" enterprise has undergone several transformations and is still vibrant

from the improvement of enterprise management mechanism, to full ownership, capital increase and share expansion, and then to the state-owned holding hybrid system, Ningjiang machine tool has made continuous reform and blazed a new path

this newspaper records that Luo Zhiyang, a large-scale fine testing instrument formed by giving full play to the respective expertise of the motor, was the first to launch an advertisement for the first means of production in New China in the people, allowing the machine tool products defined as means of production at that time to be sold directly to the market

across the street from the south section of Yong'an Avenue. Sichuan pushningjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is located on the Bank of Jiang'an River directly opposite to Dujiangyan station of Chengdu irrigation express railway

1965, in response to the call of "preparing for war and famine, and starting the third line construction", more than 1400 people from Nanjing machine tool plant took a train to the Minjiang River at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain to establish a state-run Sanjiang machine tool plant. "Sanjiang machine tool plant" was soon renamed "Ningjiang machine tool plant" to reflect the attribute of moving from Nanjing

"at that time, the annual production volume and personnel treatment of our factory were determined according to the indicators." Zhengyihe, an old employee, recalled. In the era of planned economy, the annual production capacity of Ningjiang machine tool plant gradually rose to thousands. However, under the state-owned enterprise management system of "unified purchase and marketing", the enterprise output has been continuously compressed, and Ningjiang machine tool plant "has the strength to use it"

with the spring breeze of reform and opening up, this layer of institutional ice was soon broken. In 1978, Ningjiang machine tool plant was selected as one of the first six pilot state-owned enterprises in Sichuan for decentralization reform. On June 25 of the following year, Ningjiang machine tool plant published the first means of production Advertisement in the people's daily for the first time, allowing the machine tool products defined as means of production at that time to be sold directly to the market

"if you want to advertise, you should publish it in the people, so that the whole country can know that I will bear the fall of the sky." Zhengyihe still clearly remembers how liulunbao, then director of Ningjiang machine tool factory, fought against the public's opinions in order to publish this advertisement. At that time, the advertising design drawings were sent to Beijing. After the approval of the leaders of the State Council, they were reviewed by the Minister of the first Ministry of machinery industry and signed and issued by the vice minister. "It took three months from preparation to publication."

5000 yuan of advertising costs in exchange for huge economic benefits. After the advertisement was published, Ningjiang machine tool factory received 700 orders within one month. In the same year, 405 sets of longitudinal cutting automatic lathes were produced. Zhengyihe, who has been in the factory for 14 years, raised his salary for the first time, from 53 yuan to more than 70 yuan. In the following years, orders and production increased year by year

the successful practice of Ningjiang machine tool plant in improving the enterprise management system has set an example for the reform of state-owned enterprises. In June, 1980, the number of pilot enterprises in the decentralization reform of state-owned enterprises increased to more than 6600, accounting for about 16% of the total number of industrial enterprises in the national budget, 60% of the output value and 70% of the profits. On September 2 of the same year, the State Council approved and transmitted the report of the State Economic Commission on the pilot work and future opinions on expanding enterprise autonomy, and approved that since 1981, state-owned enterprises have comprehensively promoted the work of expanding enterprise autonomy

constant reform

the market is full of crises, from "state-owned" to "private" and then to "mixed ownership", constantly releasing the vitality of the enterprise

. On the opposite side, a flexible manufacturing intelligent production line is drilling cast iron blanks. This production line is composed of three machining centers and one RGV handling trolley. It can work continuously for 24 hours, and only one person is required to be on emergency duty

"in the past, our machine tools used to operate on a single machine, each of which needs to be monitored. Now three or more machine tools can be connected into a production line, and different material varieties and processing procedures can be completed at one time." Liu Yan, chief engineer of the company, told us that this highly integrated flexible automatic production line can not only realize intelligent management, but also increase its technical added value. After three single machines with a total value of 4.5 million yuan are connected into a production line, the price can be increased to 15million yuan

changing "automation" into "intelligence" is the self innovation of Ningjiang machine tool to comply with the market. In the 1990s, the international situation changed dramatically, and the foreign trade orders of Ningjiang machine tools continued to decline. In 1998, the Asian financial crisis once again brought the development of the machine tool plant to the bottom. In response to the call for "state-owned enterprises to extricate themselves from difficulties in three years", in 2000, Ningjiang machine tool was restructured into a joint-stock private company with full shareholding, and "intelligence" became a new product development orientation

Ningjiang Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., which has completed the drastic reform, has developed rapidly again. The annual sales volume quickly jumped from 50million yuan to 200million yuan, and the profit reached 10%. Liliancheng, deputy general manager of Sichuan Pushi Ningjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., recalled, "at that time, the dividend per share could reach 10% to 15%."

the continuous growth of production and sales has also led the company into confusion: machine tools are capital intensive, technology intensive and labor-intensive industries. The more fields developed means that the enterprise has no spare strength to continuously upgrade the machine tool industry, which has led to the "internal cycle" of development of Ningjiang machine tools

in October, 2006, Ningjiang machine tool introduced strategic investor Yibin Pushi Group Co., Ltd. under Wuliangye Group, and the two sides jointly invested in the establishment of Sichuan Pushi Ningjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Ningjiang machine tool changed from a "private" to a "state-owned holding" enterprise. In the following year, the large-scale technological transformation of pushhining River after capital and share increase was completed, forming a precision CNC machine tool production capacity with an annual output value of 1billion yuan

the vitality of the enterprise needs to be released. In 2014, Pushi Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Ningjiang machine tool (Group) Co., Ltd., Sichuan development (holding) Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Youwei Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. jointly invested and established, becoming a state-owned holding enterprise with mixed ownership according to the road map. Pushining river has once again walked out of difficulties and made continuous profits


Ningjiang rule of "survival of the fittest"

many enterprises in the same period have long disappeared, and even the parent company has been reduced to a small enterprise. However, pushingjiang, 53, has not only survived, but also has a high elongation rate of non-ferrous metal products and a high market share, and technological innovation has been coming out

from 1978, when Ningjiang machine tool first carried out the reform of expanding enterprise autonomy, and determined the principle of "allowing profits to be withdrawn after the completion of the plan at the end of the year as the enterprise's fund, and allowing employees to receive a small amount of bonus", to 2014, after the capital increase and share expansion, pushingjiang set up a "super target incentive" system to give cash incentives to those who overfulfilled the production and operation tasks. At first glance, 40 years of enterprise reform, Ningjiang machine tool seems to have returned to the origin

with the drastic changes in Eastern Europe in the 1990s, the Asian financial crisis in 1998 and the US subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, Ningjiang machine tool "caught up" and "was badly hurt". The development history of Ningjiang is almost the history of facing and overcoming crises

go back to the starting point of the reform 40 years ago, face the market directly, and bring the survival and development of Ningjiang machine tool, as well as the "survival of the fittest" principle for Ningjiang machine tool to participate in market economic competition. Whether it is a private enterprise that is restructured into full shareholding, or the state-owned and private enterprises are divided into two parts, or the four parties jointly hold shares, and the state-owned and private enterprises are half and half, all are the ways for Ningjiang machine tool to adapt to this rule

respect the market will be respected by the market

Sichuan news witnessed that since October, 1978, Sichuan provincial Party committee decided to carry out pilot projects to expand enterprise autonomy in six industry representative industrial enterprises such as Ningjiang machine tool plant and Sichuan chemical plant, Sichuan has paid full attention to this landmark event of national state-owned enterprise reform and even economic system reform. On july9,1980, after several reports on the changes of enterprises participating in the reform in the early stage, Sichuan once again reported on the large increase in sales caused by the advertising of means of production published by Ningjiang machine tool factory in the second edition of the current paper, witnessing the whole process of the factory's setting production by sales, seriously serving users, winning a large number of orders, and promoting a substantial increase in production, and completely recording the results of the reform

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