Print embroidered wall cloth wonderful in Warcraft

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Five dimensions

explanation of wallife Shanghai Exhibition

more new ideas

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industry chapter

according to the 13th five year plan, China's urbanization rate will increase from 52% in 2015 to 60% by 2018

which will bring a new round of valuable opportunities to the overall soft clothing industry

with the concept of "light decoration, heavy decoration" has become mainstream

future, The overall soft decoration is facing at least 10 trillion market space

standing on the wind of the industry, we need to size up the situation, identify the brand, grasp the opportunity, and take advantage of the situation to attack the brand article

work together with the international 4A advertising company

new planning

new advertising language

new brand main vision

new brand TVC

more international, more fashionable Younger

channel brand transformation to consumer brand


holding high and playing high

three-dimensional marketing

huge flag hanging advertisement of the exhibition hall

giant screen LED advertisement of the exhibition hall

left span full page advertisement of Huiya information magazine

digital marketing of new media

exhibition hall

internationalization of the 400m2 exhibition hall

matching of log color and high-grade ash

integrate brand, product, design and marketing

International Luxury, quality and creativity

highlight the brand height

brand butterfly change, Gorgeous bloom


many new products will be launched at the exhibition site

once again lead the new trend of the industry

products are more colorful

design styles are more fashionable

a combination of Chinese and Western

leading the pack

are you still giving up entrepreneurship for failing to find a promising industry

are you still afraid to enter the wallpaper and wallpaper industry because you don't understand the wallpaper and wallpaper industry

are you still hesitating to find the right brand

go to the site of wallafe exhibition hall

learn more about wallafe brand

experience wallafe's gorgeous bloom

and the latest joining information

just wait for you to come to the

printing and embroidering wall cloth, wonderful in wallafe

August 10-12

Shanghai New International Expo Center

e1 hall c11




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