Five factors determine floor quality

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Five factors determine the quality of flooring

with the change of people's consumption habits and the adjustment of decoration material prices, China's laminate flooring market is currently experiencing the most prosperous stage of production and sales

>& gt;& gt; Three misunderstandings in the purchase of solid wood flooring

excellent performance of fresh raw materials

the wood must be fresh enough without rotten wood and too much bark. Secondly, to ensure that the density of different wood raw materials used is close, it is best to use a single wood species. In order to better control the purity and freshness of wood species, it is best for the production enterprise to build in the wood growing place and select fixed tree species, so as to ensure the uniformity of physical properties and mechanical processing properties of wood fibers used to manufacture wood floors. With such conditions, wood flooring can have a more stable quality

high standards produce good products

with the increasing attention to household pollution, the domestic household industry has proposed an E0 standard higher than the European E1 environmental protection standard. Although the standard of E0 seems to be higher than that of E1, it is unrealistic that 100% of products meet the E0 standard in the actual production process. Although European enterprises do not produce according to E0, a large proportion of products also exceed the level of E0 in environmental performance indicators. Insiders also introduced the differences in testing systems. E1 in Europe is an environmental protection evaluation mechanism based on the warehouse inventory products and online products on the production line as the detection object, and the sampling inspection as the detection method to conduct comprehensive monitoring and testing. The domestic testing method is that some manufacturers choose to send the products to the environmental protection testing department for monitoring and testing

process guarantees service life

dpl pressing technology (commonly known as large plate pressing), in fact, it is a one-time forming technology for the wear-resistant layer, wood pattern layer, basic material layer and the balance layer at the bottom of the floor. In this process, constant temperature process and constant pressure process should be used for processing in a constant time close to zero error. These processes are the key technologies to ensure the quality of wood flooring

if this process is not qualified, high temperature, high pressure and inaccurate pressing time will cause damage to wood fibers and low floor strength; If the temperature is low, the pressure is insufficient, and the bonding strength of various raw materials is not enough, the floor is easy to be layered and peeled, which will greatly reduce the service life of the floor

continuous research and development leads consumption

it is very common for floor manufacturers to slightly change the color of the floor, or completely copy and paste their own trademarks for sales. There is a fashion trend in the variety of wood flooring every year. At present, the fashion trend of the flooring industry is basically led by a few European enterprises such as egger group

professional and meticulous floor installation

floor installation and after-sales service also determine the service life and comfort of the floor




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