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Ou Shennuo made the list of tmall's double 11, ranking the top 4 in the ceramic tile industry

at the just concluded 2017 tmall's double 11 carnival, ou Shennuo made a strong effort with the advantages of the new retail model and participated in the double 11 for the first time, with a transaction amount of more than 110 million yuan on the same day, ranking the fourth in the ceramic tile industry of tmall's double 11, and achieved a landmark victory

on the eve of the first battle of Oushennuo, double 11

double 11, Oushennuo ceramics has fully entered the state of preparation. Nearly 1000 stores across the country, thousands of shopping guides and customer service, are fully prepared to fight a beautiful victory in this upcoming carnival

(the front line of the operation Department of osheno ceramics on the eve of the double 11)

osheno ceramics participated in the double 11 for the first time, and achieved national linkage online and offline. Branch venues were set up in offline stores across the country, with up to 55000 participants

after the countdown to zero, the sales data of the flagship store of osheno ceramic tiles continued to refresh, exceeding 20million in 25 minutes and 30million in one hour... By 19:00 on the 11th, the sales had exceeded 100 million

new retail model of the ceramic industry

Oushennuo ceramics, which is rich in Internet genes in the construction ceramic industry and has been driven by innovation, has also brought surprises to consumers in this double 11 war after the opening of the first offline flagship store of ceramic tile o2o new retail entity in July this year: it not only sells ceramic tile items, but also launched a new model of customized sales of ceramic tile space priced at "square meters"

3 classic styles, multiple sets of ceramic tile space application schemes, buy it now, package room, design, processing, loss, and seamless connection of online and offline services. Square meter pricing package truly realizes the intimate and worry free customization experience of what you see is what you get in ceramic tile space, and undoubtedly creates a new retail model for ceramic tile sales in the industry

the first battle of new retail was won

ceramic tiles + Internet, and the new retail mode of osheno o2o allow us to truly experience the space of osheno ceramic tiles through 720 degree panoramic vrhome, 3D cloud design and other technical means, so that ceramic tile consumption can quickly realize the scene experience of "what you want is what you see, what you see is what you get". This is the application of Internet, big data and other technologies in the process of ceramic consumption, which has brought model changes to consumers. From creating a new model of the industry to the explosion of the double 11, osheno ceramics has become a pioneer in the industry

in the future, Oushennuo ceramics will continue to keep pace with the times, constantly sprint, create a better home environment for consumers across the country, and bring consumers a better consumption experience




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