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It is worth noting that "indoor environmental pollution" has become the third largest air pollution problem in the world after "soot pollution" and "photochemical pollution", which will cause many people to get sick every year and seriously affect people's health. A few years ago, the environmental testing center of China Interior Decoration Association revealed a set of data that the number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution in China has reached 111000 every year, with an average of about 304 deaths per day

according to professional analysis, decoration pollution includes air pollution, light pollution, noise pollution, drinking water pollution, emission pollution, etc. Air pollution is dominated by the release of toxic and harmful gases such as radon, formaldehyde and benzene homologues, while light pollution includes unreasonable mirror layout, resulting in excessive visual stimulation; Bath sound comes from the tightness of kitchen and toilet equipment, doors and windows, the echo of the room, the impact of external noise on the room, etc; Drinking water pollution comes from the water supply pipes and water storage devices; In addition, there is emission pollution, which refers to indoor and outdoor environmental pollution caused by unreasonable emissions of kitchen lampblack, domestic water, air conditioning drainage, etc

recently, a designer released serial posts on major home decoration and news forums in China. Through his own experience, he provided owners with guidance on material selection, decoration company selection, environmental protection decoration, cork flooring and other aspects, which has been highly praised by many owners to be installed, and his serial post has received hundreds of thousands of visits

according to the designer, there are targeted plans for each kind of pollution. The owner must pay special attention to the decoration design, construction and material selection. According to the designer's suggestions, the environmental protection decoration must pay attention to the following matters:

note 1: recognize the source of pollution and apply the remedy to the case

each kind of pollution has one or more sources, such as formaldehyde from artificial boards, adhesives, wallpapers, coatings and other materials, This is a recognized potential carcinogen, which can also cause fetal malformation; Benzene mainly comes from glue, paint, paint and adhesive, and is also a strong carcinogen; If the ammonia in the indoor air exceeds the standard, the human body's resistance to disease will be weakened

not only that, radioactive elements from some low-quality concrete, cement, granite and other building materials &mdash& mdash; Radon has also become an invisible “ Killer ”, It is said that radon causes lung cancer in more than 50000 people in China every year. In this case, it is necessary for us to make a good start at each pollution source and prevent these pollution sources from happening, so we need to buy truly environmentally friendly materials

note 2: how to buy environmental protection materials

there are several main methods. First, check the environmental protection inspection certificate of the product, compare with the national standard, and there are European and American standards. Second, search the evaluation of enterprises online. Generally, the evaluation is good, and the quality will certainly be better; Third, understand the quality assurance time of the enterprise. If a powerful enterprise can provide a long quality assurance time, the quality must be guaranteed

take buying flooring as an example. If it is low-quality flooring, it must be the source of formaldehyde, so some families with relatively high income directly buy imported flooring, cork flooring, and paint. It is best to choose those that pass the European standard test, and VOC Control is very low

in addition, for example, in the prevention of drinking water pollution, the state has expressly prohibited the use of steel water pipes and taps, which is to reduce the secondary pollution of drinking water, so even if you buy a tap, you must pay attention to this

note 3: avoid excessive decoration

one thing is very noteworthy. Some families do hardcover and luxury clothing, like to stack a lot of decorative elements, and use a lot of materials. In fact, this is not environmentally friendly. Even the world's top brands are not very good for decoration

the best plan is to simplify the decoration, minimize the consumption of energy and resources, decorate the interior according to the concept of green building materials, do not engage in excessive decoration, do not engage in sick space, reduce visual pollution, and reduce possible sources of pollution

note 4: leave enough ventilation time

finally, after the decoration, be sure to leave enough ventilation time. Generally, in about three months, the doors and windows are opened for full ventilation. Of course, you can also buy some green plants inside to help absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances

the designer also reminded that the formaldehyde release time is as long as 5 to 15 years, and it is useless to rely on ventilation alone. The most fundamental thing is to recognize the environmental protection from the beginning of decoration, and decorate in strict accordance with environmental protection standards. After the decoration is completed, the interior must be tested

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